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Hot Chocolate
for Coffee Shops

FizzBang have a few ideas to put a bit of ‘pizazz’ in your shop with our Delice hot-chocolate dispenser. This eye-catching classy unit produces a premium continental-style hot-chocolate to match its up-market, high-end looks.

Or set yourself apart from the usual coffee shop offers with our clever ‘micro-hot’ croissant filler. This simple but clever unit can fill or top croissants, donuts and waffles with a hot sauce – chocolate, jam, custard – all in seconds

Gelato Style Ice Cream
for Restaurants

How about a premium Gelato-style Italian ice cream? Either in a traditional cone, with hot apple pie, or add to your dessert menu on a waffle all topped off with a hot sauce from our micro-hot machine

Hot Croissant and Pastry
Topper & Filler
for Bakeries

How about our clever ‘micro-hot’ croissant filler. This simple but clever unit can fill brioche, croissants, donuts, waffles with a hot sauce- chocolate, jam, custard – all in seconds.

Warm outside? How about an indulgent hand-made style thickshake, on its own or as part of a meal-deal.

Cold outside? Your customers will love our indulgent hot-chocolate, premium products with premium profits.

Slush Cocktails
for Bars and Clubs

Don’t miss out on the Frozen Cocktail boom! Frozen cocktails are THE big thing and their popularity is only set to accelerate! There are literally hundreds of combinations: set yourself apart from the ‘norm’ with your own signature creations; FizzBang has a range of freezers and flavours to suit all needs, sizes and establishments. Use our equipment and products to match your imagination and deliver your dreams - bring all your creativity and ideas to life!

Slush and Thickshakes
for Fast-Food Restaurants

Atomic ice slush and thickshakes are the perfect accompaniment for all fast foods, food to go and those in a hurry. Can’t decide which one to have? Our clever machines can quickly dispense slush or shakes and can even serve both products from one unit! Perfect to up-sell on a meal-deal

Fruit Slush
for Schools & Gyms
Vegan Friendly!

Our range of Atomic Ice Fruit Slush has no added anything! Made to Schools Standards Guidelines, this product is packed full of goodness and flavour.

High Capacity
Slush and Shake Machines
for Leisure and Visitor Attractions

Our equipment has the power and capacity to deliver BIG volumes of slush and shakes, to keep up with demand. Eye-catching kit and a great range of flavours

Slush Machines
for Convenience Stores & Shops

Be a little different. With attractive 360° visibility our Atomic ice slush is a great impulse buy!