All machine dimensions can be found in the equipment specification. For refrigerated equipment it is essential that a minimum of 20cm airspace is given to the sides and rear of the appliance, to allow for adequate ventilation. The machine will also need to be situated on a clean, level, solid surface (e.g. a worktop or countertop).

All equipment is self-contained and only requires a standard 13 amp mains socket (no multi-plug adaptors or extension leads).

This depends on the product you are running and can vary greatly; In the first instance you should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for product life. As an example, dairy products could require a full sanitise from one to ten days, depending on formulation, whereas Atomic Ice slush would require a full sanitise every 80 days.

There is a daily cleaning routine which takes around 5 minutes to complete.

Refer to the individual specification for the equipment. Obviously any product in the machine will add considerable weight.

It is important to note that our equipment is designed for static use.

As a guide use the following simple formula for liquid product; a popular cup size is 199ml there are 1000ml in a litre so divide 1000ml by 199ml = 5.02 (cups). So, each 10 litre bowl would hold just over 50 cups.

* Note. This is for liquid only and does not allow for additional expansion; frozen liquid expands!

It is virtually impossible to give an accurate cost for this; Power consumption can be found in the equipment specification but the following can greatly affect the overall consumption:

  • Type of products in the machine (is the product specifically designed for use in your machine?)
  • How much product are you selling? (If sales are slow then the equipment will spend more time idling).
  • Ambient room and pre-mixed liquid temperature (the warmer the temperature the harder a refrigeration machine has to work)
  • Ventilation (all refrigerated equipment works best with maximum ventilation)

* Note. All our refrigerated equipment has a ‘chill’ mode for night use; this keeps the product fresh with reduced power consumption.

In the first instance, phone our service support line. In our experience most problems are due to human error so we will do our utmost to help resolve your problem (for free!) over the phone. If we are unable to ‘phone-fix’ it then we’ll arrange with you to have the equipment repaired as soon as possible (please have your details to hand so we can cross-check your service plan).

They’re very impressive! Use our online calculator to see for yourself!

Basically anything that is compatible with your machine. FizzBang stock a wide range of products which offer tremendous value for money and are carefully formulated to get the best out of your equipment.

* Note. Machine failure, due to the use of incompatible or sub-standard product, may not be covered under warranty.

Yes, more than likely we can! Just give us a call or drop us a line to confirm.