Surprisingly Compact and Highly Elegant. For Easy Production of Soft-Serve or Gelato-Style Ice Cream!

An innovative counter-top machine from Ugolini. Technologically advanced and refined Italian design. Easy cleaning and maintenance routines.

Capable of making an outstanding quality ice cream for cup, cone and more. Easy to use Electronic Density Control to produce anything from a soft serve ice cream to an authentic Italian gelato.

Featuring a feeder-hopper that pre-chills the product before it enters the freeze chamber to offer maximum throughput. It is easy to use thanks to its touch display with modern, intuitive icons.

An affordable option for those looking for a high-volume machine!

Optional backlit LED panels for maximum visibility.

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FizzBang part no.UGOQGEL6-1W
Capacity (L)6
Width (cm)26
Depth (cm)57
Height (cm)72
Weight (Kg)50
Power (W)1300
Finance (From):
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Why Ugolini?

Do not confuse or compare Ugolini with other manufacturers who claim that their equipment is the best, Ugolini group sell circa 50,000 machines a year worldwide. FizzBang are immensely proud to be associated with Ugolini.

The Ugolini portfolio reflects this heritage; they manufacture equipment with the power, performance and price to suit any commercial need.

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