A compact dispenser for Slush Drinks, Iced Coffee and more! Ideal for Home & Commercial Use

Introducing the smallest machine of our family. With it's 2.8L bowl, it is extremely compact, but it is as professional and reliable as its "bigger" sisters.

Stylish and space saving, it will allow you to handle small quantities of product, avoiding waste. Ideal for the smaller venue and excellent for home use. As standard it comes with RecoverEnergy bowls that reduce freeze time and improve efficiency.

With a big 2.8 litre (that’s over 5 pints!) capacity the mighty Icon is THE slush machine for the ultimate party offer to your guests!

Don’t confuse this machine with cheap and childish imitations, the Icon is a pukka scaled-down version of its commercial big brothers!

Stylish and compact the electronically controlled Icon has the power and capacity to produce the very best iced- drinks time after time, whether it's slushes for the kids, iced- cocktails for the grown-ups or Iced Coffee.

If you want a Bang for your BBQ or some “soFizztication” for your cocktail parties you need the Icon!

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Icon drink machine


FizzBang part no.UGOICON3-1W
Capacity (L)2.8
Width (cm)18
Depth (cm)44
Height (cm)49
Weight (Kg)20
Power (W)460
Finance (From):
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Why Ugolini?

Do not confuse or compare Ugolini with other manufacturers who claim that their equipment is the best, Ugolini group sell circa 50,000 machines a year worldwide. FizzBang are immensely proud to be associated with Ugolini.

The Ugolini portfolio reflects this heritage; they manufacture equipment with the power, performance and price to suit any commercial need.

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